Greenville Fellows

Greenville, South Carolina

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“So what are your plans after you graduate?" 

You’ve heard that question a thousand times and you probably inwardly cringe every time. Perhaps you have a 30-second blurb that you can recite to impress people, but if you’re anything like us you’re thinking “I have no idea what I’m actually doing and my life is probably just going to go up in flames."

We’ve all been there. Our program exists to love and advise you during this critical juncture in your life by guiding you towards a life transformed by the gospel that is joyful, purposeful and fulfilling. We’ll immerse you in a diverse community that will help you discern your career calling as you work out your faith in practical ways, all while being supported by over 100 fabulous volunteers that will love on you every step of the way. 

We have excellent jobs lined up, host families ready to welcome you into their homes, trained mentors excited to push you closer to Christ and a city that’s ready to be explored. All we need is you!


Rod Mays