Knoxville Fellows

Knoxville, Tennessee

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The Knoxville Fellows is a Christ-centered leadership and internship program for recent college graduates seeking to live, work, study, pray, and serve in community. Living in community distinguishes the Knoxville Fellows from similar leadership programs. Knoxville Fellows live together in Market Square at the heart of downtown Knoxville. Our program lastsfor 10 months (1 August-31 May). We are not identified with any particular church or denomination, but rather hail from the Christian Comminity of Knoxville, Tennessee.

We seek twelve college graduates to build life together for ten months. We will create a school for Christ that forms disciples for effective service in our community. We will read widely and argue passionately. We will explore our callings and our fears. We will learn the wounds of our city and hear from many who are healing them. We will pray for one another and for the city and expect transformation. If you believe the Spirit is calling you to become a part of a committed community in urban Knoxville, we would like to hear from you.



Rick Kuhlman