Salt Lake Fellows Program

Salt Lake City, UTAH

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Have you ever had the desire to be pushed in your Christian authenticity in a completely unfamiliar culture? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a major urban area that sits next door to world class skiing, climbing and biking?

Salt Lake Fellows is a new program whose primary purpose is to cultivate a generation of Kingdom-minded individuals in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake Fellows are seeking a group of recent college graduates who will commit to a 9-month intensive leadership experience; which focuses on integrating the Gospel seamlessly into all of life through the primary experiences of vocation, community, theology and wilderness. Our core distinctives are: Pursuing Christ, Loving Community, Creating Culture, Engaging Creation and Seeking Collaboration.

Salt Lake City is a place of great opportunity and great need. The economy is booming, the city is growing rapidly and the outdoor opportunities are endless. At the same time, Protestant Christianity is a massive minority amidst a diverse culture of Mormonism, agnosticism, materialism and individualism. In this program, young men and women will participate in the culture and city and the collaborative community of New Song Presbyterian Church. Fellows will be placed in paid part-time jobs, be paired with mentors, live communally in apartments in the city and participate in weekly theological courses and outdoor adventure excursions.

Salt Lake Fellows is a life-changing opportunity for young people who desire to be challenged and grow deeply in all areas of life. Would you consider joining TFI’s new Westernmost program?!

To learn more about our program, Salt Lake City, or the application process visit or email us at to receive more information. You can download our comprehensive handbook at




Ben Loderhose