Chattanooga Fellows Program

Chattanooga, Tennessee

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The Chattanooga Fellows Program is a 9-month intensive program designed to help recent college graduates integrate their faith and work through internships, roundtable discussions, seminary classes, career counseling, and life in a local church. The Chattanooga Fellows is a program with three churches acting as hosts. There is a wide array of available internships due to the fact there is already present in Chattanooga a strong group of Christian leaders in the marketplace ranging from non-profit work to entrepreneurs. Located in beautiful east Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga is currently going through many changes from downtown renovations to many technological startups with the recent addition of fiber optics for internet capabilities. It's a great place to live and serve as there is much work to be done in bringing the Kingdom of God to bear on the city. Please check out our website if you would like to inquire further at



Jonathan Ingraham