A Fellows Program is an intensely practical nine-month experience designed to prepare recent college grads to live seamless lives of faith. Your laboratory will be a part-time professional job in your field of interest, theological coursework, bible study, mentoring and service. This leadership development program equips Fellows to have a thoughtful impact in the world.

The Fellows Initiative (TFI) unites local Fellows Programs founded on the same core purpose. But each Fellows Program is unique, reflecting its local church home and its wider community. Some Programs house Fellows with host families, some use community apartments; some Programs have a 3-day work week and others have a 4-day work week; some have a handful of Fellows while others have a dozen or more. Use our website to learn about Fellows Programs around the country.

Programs are currently accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year. Information about each Fellows Program can be found here, as well as contact information for each Program’s Director. Learn which Fellows Program would be the best fit for you, and apply now!

Are you looking to join a Fellows Program? Check out our locations across the United States.